The Tyranny of Slutty Clothing

So…. I often video game in my off time.  Mostly RPGs (role-playing games), just because I love the storytelling –at least, if they are any good.  But I do enjoy an MMO now and again. MMO.  Massive Multiplayer Online game.  The type of game that has lots of people from all over the world logging … Continue reading The Tyranny of Slutty Clothing

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Pantsing a different kind of story

I’ve just started working on a brand new story of a rather different sort: fatherhood. I’d prefer to outline this particular story, of course, but I’m told it doesn’t work quite like that…. so pantsing it is! This has been quite a remarkable experience, all told. From seeing my wife transform, to seeing the amazing abilities […]

Get Beta Readers, then Ignore Them

Sidestepping the flippancy of the headline, I invite you to follow me on a brief rant of why you absolutely should get beta readers for your work, and then you absolutely should learn how to ignore them.  If you happen to be a beta reader of my work, don’t worry I still want to be friends. This […]

Excerpt from Pilgrimage to Skara

Shameless plug for the book, along with a quick excerpt: * * * * * * * Keilie shivered.  “I’m frightened.” “Me too.” “I should have stayed in Hightown.” “Maybe.  But what’s done is done.  If we escape these woods, do you want me to take you home?”  She did not answer.  Wendt said, “There … Continue reading Excerpt from Pilgrimage to Skara

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Comment on A new “Splash.” by Beth Turnage

I saw a trailer for the Magnificent Seven in the theater this weekend. It looked okay, but trailers can be deceptive. I agree that perhaps Hollywood should sometimes leave well enough alone but then there are other movies that beg for a better remake. Dune is one such story. How I longed for the SyFy channel version with the original movie’s cast. Of course that could never happen.

On the other hand there is plenty of new material that would suitable movie material, but I guess its easier to dig among the dusty piles of old movie concepts than to develop new ones. 🙂

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