I'm in the final pages of this editing pass of Unnatural Causes, and then I'll be looking for beta readers ... my first serious use of beta reading, well, ever.  I used to have my childhood best friend read my novels, and she was wonderful at picking out grammatical issues - I probably have her to partially thank for my keen eye ... but that was a long time ago, before I started submitting novels to agents and publishers.

But that's all getting away from the usual topic of my Sunday post.  I've talked a lot here, on and off, about Vil, the snarky familiar who is the first person narrator of Unnatural Causes, but in many ways, it is equally the story of her partner in investigation, Iluenn:  a timid, self-effacing apprentice who suddenly finds herself at the center of political attention after the death of her mentor.

This, on my playlist, is her themesong:

Carrier of a Secret - Sissel