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Chuck Wendig’s #FlashFiction Challenge: Demons vs. Assassins

This piece of flash comes to you by the way of two sources. The first is Chuck Wendig’s Friday Flash Fiction Challenge. And here is what he says about that: Way this works is, below you will find two tables — X and Y! — and you will pick (or randomly draw) from those tables.… Continue reading Chuck Wendig’s #FlashFiction Challenge: Demons vs. Assassins

Well! That! Is! A lot of exclaiming!

Here’s my take on the never ending debate over our friend the exclamation mark. Personally, I find comments such as ‘never use it’ insane. Advice to use it three times at most in 100,000 words (Elmore Leonard) – impossible!   So, here’s a simple rule I use – maybe you can too.   If, at …

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Revenge of the Bloodslinger Cover Reveal

Hey all. So aside from ink-slinging like a champ, I also run a small Imprint—Shadow Alley Press—that publishes a few select authors. One of those authors, uber-talented eden Hudson, is preparing to release her second Jubal Van Zandt novel—a gritty, dystopian, cyberpunk/urban fantasy mash-up, which rocks more than actual rocks. In honor of that upcoming […]