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Dragoncon Atlanta, GA 2017

Hey everyone, I know this is a bit last moment, but I’m super excited to announce I’ll be at Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA!!!!! I’ll be selling books at the litRPG table (booth 1222) and I also have several panels and a specific autograph time with Dragoncon on Saturday at 4:00 PM in the Marriott International […]

Song Styles

For your amusement, sympathy, and perhaps to snare an unsuspecting soul into the same trap that has tortured me for the last few days … for some reason, this song has been an earworm in the back of my brain:The Red Shoes – Kate BushThe song reference…

Song Styles

Who Wants To Be A Hero? is still seeking an agent, which means that some typing is curtailed due to my perpetual crossing of fingers.  I’ve spoken before about some of the character themesongs, and today I’d like to highlight Senashi, the god…