For #authors: #launch your #book with #socialmedia~ #DYI part 1

If you are like me you have a fair idea of how to write a book but nearly no clue on how to market it but there is a time when you have to hitch up your big girl or boy pants to do it. But what to do? Much of the advice on blogs… Continue reading For #authors: #launch your #book with #socialmedia~ #DYI part 1

The Long Slow Slog of Life

So…. Been six months since I populated this space and … well, lots has happened. Real life has been an adventure.  On a down note, health concerns for close family members have eaten up a lot of time.  I’ve been helping with health care–which is a) exhausting and b) gives me new appreciation for health … Continue reading The Long Slow Slog of Life

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Thank You, Awesome Teachers

What a blessing it is to have an awesome teacher. My schooling was riddled with fantastic teachers that I enjoyed and appreciated at the time, but it isn’t until many years later, now myself a teacher, that I truly recognize the impact they had on me. Let’s be honest, I don’t think a single one […]

Lunhina: Status Report

I reached a milestone today that I felt warranted a quick post. After reworking my story early last year, I emerged with an outline for a 5-part story, with parts 1-3 roughly correlating to my earlier outlined material, and parts 4&5 rendering a proper conclusion, which was lacking in the early drafts. Today, I finished […]

Wednesday Wanderings

Anatomy of an edit, different story:  second (thousandth) verse, same as the first.I’m working through short story of mine now, Written In Stone … and I use the term “short story” loosely, because it originally clocked in a bit over 10k words.&n…

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Return of the Spire City ads

Lots of talk about ads today… Here are some very different kinds of advertising.It was roughly 11 years ago when I began the pre-writing for the Spire City episodes, dreaming up the characters, the effects of their terrible infections, and details of…