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Poem "Unveiling the Moon" in ETTT Goddess of the Braided Light Drive in New Myths! Updated Bio Student Autonomy and the Vulnerable Teacher Writing update and what I’ve been watching

For #authors: #launch your #book with #socialmedia~ #DYI part 1

If you are like me you have a fair idea of how to write a book but nearly no clue on how to market it but there is a time when you have to hitch up your big girl or boy pants to do it. But what to do? Much of the advice on blogs… Continue reading For #authors: #launch your #book with #socialmedia~ #DYI part 1

Thank You, Awesome Teachers

What a blessing it is to have an awesome teacher. My schooling was riddled with fantastic teachers that I enjoyed and appreciated at the time, but it isn’t until many years later, now myself a teacher, that I truly recognize the impact they had on me. Let’s be honest, I don’t think a single one […]

Lunhina: Status Report

I reached a milestone today that I felt warranted a quick post. After reworking my story early last year, I emerged with an outline for a 5-part story, with parts 1-3 roughly correlating to my earlier outlined material, and parts 4&5 rendering a proper conclusion, which was lacking in the early drafts. Today, I finished […]

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Anatomy of an edit, different story:  second (thousandth) verse, same as the first.I’m working through short story of mine now, Written In Stone … and I use the term “short story” loosely, because it originally clocked in a bit over 10k words.&n…