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Poetry Thunderdome podcast! Interview About “Shuttlers” Flash fiction: "In the City of the Faced" in Factor Four Magazine! Unleashing Your Dreams Daily Writing Tip #26

AI Secrets to Kickstart Your Writing: #3 Dig for Research Info

One of my favorite benefits of using AI is its ability to gather research information in and ordered list for your consideration.However, you must exercise caution in using this information, as Chat is prone to fudge its results. You should check it against internet sources. Yet, the wealth of what it digs up is impressive, […]

AI Secrets To Kick Start Your Writing: #2—Outline Your Chapter

What’s the biggest obstacle a writer faces? Even if you have outlined your book. Staring at the page for the start of that new chapter. Endlessly. All writers do this—even famous ones. Take, for instance, Sylvia Plath: Sylvia Plath (from The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath) Monday, July 7 (1958): …But I have no idea how […]

How Do We Foster Life-Long Readers?

“That’s the best book we’ve ever been assigned to read,” I heard a student say to a friend in my classroom last week. Another student, on the day of our final discussion, said he wasn’t feeling 100% well but decided to come to school anyway because he didn’t want to miss us talking about the […]

5 Stellar Ways to Use #AI in Your #Writing—#1 Rough Outline Your Novel

Forget the controversy over whether to use AI in your prose. This issue will shake out as writers use AI more and develop best practices in writing fiction with AI. But you can do some things with AI that help you with the mundane writing tasks that help to speed up your work with nasty […]