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100K words!

Ladies and Gent’s, I present…
Word count: 101,793!!!!  (26355 more since last post.)
Progression: Posted up to chapter 20 of an estimated 39; working on chapter 21.

Well now… I must say I am quite pleased with myself. I clearly recall sitting at about 30K words and thinking “How the hell am I ever going to make it to 100K let alone the 150ish K I think I need to be at????” But here I am, over 100K words. Technically, I’d already hit this milestone a long time ago, BUT, these 100K words are all within the first book. (The rest have been moved aside to another installment)

So… Instead of writing more today, I decided to do a little cartoon, cause I’m a dumb ass like that. This was based upon quite a few recent conversations I’ve had with fellow writers, and I believe it sums up my feelings on the whole critiquing process.

Before I show you my attempt at wit, I did want to state one other milestone I hit. Since the start of writing this book, I have struggled, wrestled, and attempted to manhandle my way into a prologue. I managed to squeeze it out, it is no where near finished, but those words are what put me over the 100K mark. Like with much of my other words, I will not erase them. They are quite near and dear to me and I’ve set them aside as a reminder of what I can accomplish.

On that note, I have many people to thank… but I will leave that for my acknowledgment page. You know who you all are. 😀

Oh! And I created a new word… or acronym… or curse word… check out my FB page to see it!

Anywho… here is the cartoon: