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Song Styles

One of the side characters – and suspects – in my fantasy mystery, Unnatural Causes, is Eldais, former apprentice of Cailys (the victim), who was booted from his position after he attempted to lash out at the royal heir.  Cailys chose not to turn …

More Drama, Less Action

I am currently getting feedback from my brilliant Beta readers on Bindcrafter, and the question as to whether certain sections are too slow has cropped up. But what do we mean by too slow? Assuming you haven’t added extraneous characters or plotlines which are frustrating to readers, most likely they mean it’s dragging. They don’t …

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Song Styles

This week, I heard a song on a television show I enjoy – The Blacklist, for the curious – that caught my attention.  I had to seek it out.  As soon as I heard the whole thing, I was hooked.  It appeals to the wanderer instinct, the rhyth…

Song Styles

I’ve always thought that song lyrics, out of context, can make excellent story prompts for writers.  For my flash / poetry boot camp, I took a line from a Rihanna song – “I’m lost, you’ve got me looking for the rest of me” – though I didn’t end up…

#authorinterview: Jonathan Bowerman on Life and Elves

Today we have Jonathan Bowerman the author of the self-published The Secret Realms of Hidden Elves. Jonathan is a relatively recent and active member of Fantasy with an impressive enthusiasm for writing. But he doesn’t tell us much about himself, so I just have to do an interview to uncover the secret realms of… Continue reading #authorinterview: Jonathan Bowerman on Life and Elves

Pirate’s Luck~Chapter Twelve-The New Man

The slave’s face crumbled into disgust when the hatch of the ship sealed. “Great gods,” he muttered in Fedeng. “What?” said Arekan. “I thought that awful smell came from you,” he said. “It’s all over your clothes. But I see now it’s from the ship.”
 Arekan felt a blush creep up his neck. He must… Continue reading Pirate’s Luck~Chapter Twelve-The New Man

Interview With The Author

Interviewer: We are here today with Beth Turnage, the author of Forced Labor and the sequel No Free Lunch, and the protagonist of those stories Arekan Mor’a’stan. Welcome, both of you, though, I must say it is unusual to have a fictional character sit in on an interview. Arekan: What the hells are we doing… Continue reading Interview With The Author