I've always thought that song lyrics, out of context, can make excellent story prompts for writers.  For my flash / poetry boot camp, I took a line from a Rihanna song - "I'm lost, you've got me looking for the rest of me" - though I didn't end up using that particular prompt.  I also once challenged a group of writers with this gem from the Sondheim musical Into The Woods:

I'll see you soon again; I hope that when I do, it won't be on a plate.

The results were well worth the irritable reactions.

But one of my favorite from-lyrics prompts has to come out of Heather Nova's Maybe An Angel:

And when you said that you were dead, I hung on.

It's a line that doesn't make sense even in context, granted, but it suggests so many things, particularly for a writer like me who is fascinated with afterlives.