So, 2020 … a great year all around, amirite? Muse: Go sit down. Yeah, it was a rough year for a lot of reasons. But since my better half is always (rightly) encouraging me to be more positive and not such a pessimist, I thought I’d pick out something positive, so here it is: I … Continue reading Excelsior!

Keep plugging along

So … It’s been a while since the last entry. For various reasons, I haven’t been back to update. Some soul-searching, some real-life complications, and lots of writing. Yeah, I know I had a little whinge last time. I guess I got it out of my system. So, let’s recap: – I’m working on final … Continue reading Keep plugging along

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The Boys

So…. Last night, I was scanning YouTube (actually I was looking at videos on applying epoxy to concrete floors) and I caught an advertisement for Amazon Prime, who appear to be adopting the comic series The Boys for a series.  (Link to the preview trailer here.) The Boys might be the best deconstruction of the … Continue reading The Boys

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The Snark is Unbecoming

So…. I first interacted with Sarah Chorn last year when Pilgrimage to Skara was a finalist in the 2017 Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (still tickles every time I say that).  Sarah runs the blog Bookworm Blues, which was then, and is again this year, one of the SPFBO judges. Sarah didn’t particularly care for Pilgrimage, which is … Continue reading The Snark is Unbecoming

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