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Book News! "Excavating Lost Languages" in Frozen Wavelets #8! (and more…) "The Life Cycle of a Shadow" in The Compendium of Enigmatic Species! There You Are, Creativity CreateNet, Skynet’s Awkard Cousin, is Upon Us

The Craft of #Writing: Beware the Adverb Nazis.

Pro-Writing Aid, an online program that analyzes your writing and gives you recommendations to improve it.As I was looking at a report on a piece it gave the number of adverbs and recommended that I remove three. I must have missed this before but I do tend to use the old editor, instead of the… Continue reading The Craft of #Writing: Beware the Adverb Nazis.

Myths and Legends Con!

So more fresh madness for you all—I’ll be at Myths and Legends Con in Denver this weekend. I’ll be selling and signing books, and I’m on loads on panels. There’s a link at the bottom for anyone interested in coming, plus my panel schedule: Fri, 5:00 PM-5:50 PM, Writing the story is the easiest part! […]