It's official:  my weekly post has migrated to this day.  I work four 10 hour shifts at my new job, which means that I have one day off in the middle of the week, and this is it.  A lot of people have winced and said, "Ugh!" when I've described my schedule, but I really like it, both the slightly longer days - enough time to get more done - and the "free" day in the middle of the week.

Anyone who knows me can suss out why the word "free" is in quotation marks.

I've always juggled a lot of balls and hats, putting the former on my head and rolling the latter across the floor ... wait.  Anyhow, one of the best things I've done to manage this is keep to-do lists as Sticky Notes on my computer desktop, today and tomorrow.  When I close down for the day, I delete the "today" note, drag the "tomorrow" note to the top, and start a new note for the next thing.  As I accomplish things during the day, I delete them from the note.  But there's one line on every note that never gets deleted, since it's never completed ...

It simply says "Write."  There is no word count, no page goal, no progress marker - my life is such that my ability to complete a specific amount a day varies widely, and I don't either want to fall short and feel guilty, or easily accomplish the goal and then feel like I can slack off for the day.

But it is an endless repeat, a refrain, a forever expectation.  Even if the day goes haywire and all I do is plan in my head, I keep my writing as part of my daily life.