Instead of musical meanderings this Sunday, I thought I'd switch things up with a bit of proof-of-work from Surgeburnt.  This is one of the flashback sequences that form the novel's past-plot.  For context, the narrator is a Scorpio Star-child, which means in part that she has enhanced, poisonous nails ...

We spent a few moments more with the final details of the plan, then went our separate ways.  Tahir and I headed for the power station.
“Tell me whatever passage you’ve chosen for us isn’t crusted with cobwebs,” I said.
“What, are you afraid you’ll break a nail?”
I flexed my talons.  “Can you blame me?”
“I’d hate to see the amount of force you’d have to apply to break one of those nails.”  He managed a fleeting smile.  “We’ve got this, Maren.”
“Stop telling me things that are obvious.”
The power station was heavily monitored and protected by numerous electronic surveillance systems, but the soda factory on the next block was not.  We mingled with the workers on lunch break and entered the maintenance area. 
Tahir pried off the cover of a ventilation duct.  “After you, milady.”  He swept a mocking bow.
“So I hit any traps first,” I said.  “How kind of you.”
“I do try to be a gentleman.”