So in case you missed my squealing, I just sold "Soul Medley" to Andromeda Spaceways Magazine.  This story was written for a challenge to write about music.  Besides the plotline and the inclusion of a harper/bard character, though, most of the names are in-jokes for Irish music, derived from titles of songs written by Turlough O'Carolan, the famous blind harper of traditional music.

I might - might! - give away those references once the story is published, but for now, here's a recording of an O'Carolan tune *not* featured in "Soul Medley" -

George Brabazon

And yep, that's me playing.  Arrangement by my lovely teacher Nancy Bick Clark.

Shameless plug:  you can also find O'Carolan tune "Sheebeg and Sheemore" (which *is* referenced in "Soul Medley") on my CD, Rolling of the Stone.