The people of Spire City need to be able to travel sometimes, like anywhere else.


By the way, I've been blog silent for a while as I've been doing a variety of things in the background. The truth is that blogging feels like a carryover from an earlier time. Speaking with other writers, many nonfiction writers find it to be an essential part of their platform. Speaking to fiction writers...many don't. I've been on Twitter for years, ever since I sold a Twitter-serial to Thaumatrope something like 10 years ago, but I've always found that too overwhelming to be helpful. I always resisted creating a separate author page on Facebook from my regular one—I'm an open book, folks—but some other writers convinced me I should create a writer page to be able to make use of some of Facebook's tools. So I have a new page at Not a lot there yet, but planning to try my hand at that for now. I'm also dipping my toes in Instagram: I had an account there at some point, it looks like. Probably some app I used and didn't even realize it was adding pictures to Instagram. But I'll be putting things up there regularly too.

It doesn't mean I'm abandoning my blog. I'll still post updates when new stories sell (in fact I'll have a new announcement soon, once I'm cleared to begin talking about it!) and new things published. And I'll cross post some of what ends up on those other pages here. But if you're one of the blogging holdouts like me (or just happen across this blog for whatever other reason), you may want to follow me on those other sites as well.

I'd love to see you joining me over there!