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Ancestors Celebrating My Birthday Wheel of Time & TV Review Kick Start Your #Writing Using AI: #4 Summarize Your Chapter Kick Start Your #Writing Using AI: #4 Summarize Your Chapter

Teaching is Exhausting

Sitting here at the end of my 10th full year of teaching, I’m exhausted. Those of us who get into this career know what we’re in for; non-teachers will often make sympathetic comments about how hard it must be to be a teacher; even lots of our students are perceptive enough to see the many […]

Neuroscience in the English Classroom

This school year, I decided to lean into something that I’d previously only been incorporating in a piecemeal manner in my classroom. Starting at the beginning of the school year, my 10th graders have gotten a healthy dose of neuroscience in my English classes. In part, it’s because I’m fascinated by it and often find […]

The Craft of #Writing: #Pantsing versus #Outlining

The following is from my post on Quora responding to this question: Do writers and authors write out an outline of their novel first? How detailed is the outline? Whether to outline or “pants” (meaning to write by the seat of their pants) is individual to each writer. Some people, (like me,) “pre-write” their books […]

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