One of the backstory characters in Surgeburnt, Tahir, is deceased (we learn this very early on, since the narrator inherited his powers, so it's not a spoiler), and the character appears only in flashback scenes and in the narrator's memories of him ... but I like to think he has a strong impact on the storyline.  In many ways, he's the person with whom she has / had the most in common, but there was never any romantic inclinations between them.

This is the song that makes me think of him, despite the love story implicit in the tale.  As with a lot of these, the music video has no relevance whatsoever, though it is a pretty clever story on its own.

Colors - Halsey

(And speaking of misinterpreted but not necessarily misheard lyrics:  for some reason, my brain always wants to hear the lyric as, "You'll never be forgiven 'til your boys are two," as if one of the characters has kids growing up and ... I don't know.  I makes no sense, what.)

When I went to write this post, I also started to laugh, because I forgotten I'd given Tahir  the casting call of the fantastic Edi Gathegi: