Curse my fickle writer brain!  I've committed myself to my next novel project and am partway through my third book on the research for it.  I am genuinely excited for everything it has to offer.  The characters promise to be a lot of fun, a study in contrasts, and it will be great to write from multiple POVs again ... especially since they have vastly different outlooks on the world and events around them.  I'm also tackling a(nother) mystery plotline, which has been a long term writerly goal of mine for a while.  Yes, Unnatural Causes is a mystery, but this one should be different enough not to feel like a retread.

And yet ... this morning, I woke up feeling the sudden, sharp pull of another project that has been on the backburner.  In some senses, it's a rewrite project, but it's more extensive than that:  I'm taking storylines and characters and transporting them to another world with different rules, which will inevitably change the dynamics.  These are people I know like the back of my hand.  My concerns, and the reason I had decided - ha! - not to tackle this project yet is the cast and plot are huge and complicated, and I'm concerned that it won't end up being original enough.

One of the facets I am very pleased with and think is unusual, though, is the fact that much of the plot is driven by the romance plot ... between the villain and his beloved.  It is a genuine, deep affection, but it also causes a lot of havoc in its wake.  I've always said that the question behind it is:  sure, true love can conquer all ... but should it?

Among the songs I associate with this thread is (from her perspective):

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

The violent metaphors take on a vaguely sinister cast in this context.  It's a great illustration of the beginning of a downward spiral.