What’s so good about Designated Survivor?

OK, not strictly SFF related, but we’ll call it a related look at narrative structure and move on, shall we … In descending order of brilliance: Kiefer Sutherland (who by the way has a lot of names – Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland) The cheesy dialogue The plot – you don’t need to …

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Wednesday Wanderings

It hurts my soul that for some reason, “unicorn” has become code for something chock-full of sparkles, glitter and rainbows, often topped off with pink.  I don’t know where this interpretation came from; My Little Pony or Disney, perhaps.  Ce…

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Song Styles

I love this bizarre little song.A quick summary of the storyline:  the singer is addressing her ex-boyfriend, whose new girlfriend has schemed to get him to take her to Paris – the implication is that he’ll propose in the city of love.  And:W…

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Star Trek Discovery

Why Discovery is the best Star Trek to date, and so much better than Star Wars … What’s not to love about the new Star Trek? Discovery combines all the best elements from previous Star Trek series – ‘early’ tech (but not so early that it’s boring), at least one alien officer (arguably more), a …

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Wednesday Wanderings

Some of you who follow me on social media may be aware that Project Runway is one of my guilty pleasures.  Those of you familiar with the show, particularly if you’re caught up on the present season, may have some idea why I’m bringing this up.&nb…

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Brimstone Blues is Finally Here!

Whelp folks the big day is finally here, Brimstone Blues is unleashed upon the world. BWAHAHAHA! And to celebrate, EVERY single Lazarus book will be on sale this week for 99 cents starting with Strange Magic TODAY (1/13-2017) and Cold Hearted tomorrow. The rest will follow each day after that–if you’re behind on the series, […]

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Thursday Thoughts

A day late due to schedule juggling this week; I was working yesterday, and while it was an enjoyable day, it was a hectic one spent running interminably back and forth to the ovens (pies, cookies, cheesecake!).Thought I would talk today about my ritua…

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