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Wednesday Wanderings – On Tour!

Welcome to the Scylla and Charybdis release tour – virtual, that is!  Since Grimbold Books is a British press and I’m over here chilling in the States, it seemed fitting to make “stops” on both sides of the pond … but I lack the finances to jetset back and forth, so I’ll be stopping by various blogs and hosting their awesome authors in return.

Some of these dates may change – I’m still finishing up posts and communicating with my hosts.

Here’s my schedule:

4/1 (Sunday) – Song Styles here – snippets of the Scylla and Charybdis “soundtrack”


4/1 (Sunday) – visit from Daniel Ausema from Twigs And Brambles to talk about his new release, Silk Betrayal

4/2 (Monday) – visiting Paul James Caiden at The Mind’s Eye  

4/4 (Weds) – Wednesday Wanderings here – how it all started

4/6 (Friday) – visiting Marco Dijkstra at Barely a Blogger to talk about worldbuilding

4/8 (Sunday) – Song Styles here

4/11 (Weds) – Wednesday Wanderings – what’s in a name?

4/13 (Friday) – special “visit” to Sarah Ashwood’s mailing list with an interview; sign up over at  her Facebook page  

4/15 (Sunday) – It’s RELEASE DAY!

4/17 (Tues) – visiting Joanne Hall at her blog to talk about chef creativity and cross-utilization … not as dry as it sounds, I promise!

4/18 (Weds) – Wednesday Wanderings here – the books within the book

4/19 (Thurs) – visiting Daniel Ausema at Twigs And Brambles  to talk about music in Scylla and Charybdis

4/20 (Fri) – visiting Jennifer Lee Rossman at The Eternally Untitled 

4/22 (Sun) – Song Styles here

4/24 (Tues) – visiting Kate Coe at Writing and Coe for an interview

4/25 (Weds) – Wednesday Wanderings here – the ta(le/il) of the kearl

4/27 (Fri) – stories from Marco Dijkstra … check them out!

4/29 (Sun) – Song Styles here

5/2 (Weds) – Wednesday Wanderings here – discussing “hiraeth”

5/6 (Sun) – Song Styles here

6/1 (Fri) – guest post from Jennifer Lee Rossman from The Eternally Untitled