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Silk Betrayal: Dramatis Personae

The Silk Betrayal has a lot of characters, including seven who are our points of view for different chapters. I’ve highlighted some of those characters in posts this month. As you read the novel, you may find it useful to have a complete list of them, minor and major, in one place. The book itself includes this Dramatis Personae. But in case it’s easier to consult a page online than flipping around within the ebook or print book, here it is, the listing of major and minor characters and the places within the valley where they are encountered:

The Assembly of Princes and their attendants
  • Baram –  The High Prince
  • Jasfer – a young prince whose sister was cast out fifteen years ago
    • Yatim – a trained fighter
    • Kalvandi – Jasfer’s steward
    • Taurav – footman
  • Apijet –   Jasfer’s mentor
  • Tarak – supporter of Dartak in the Assembly
    • Sindar –   his servant
  • Vedu – older member of the ruling 30
  • Samatrit –  Jasfer’s cousin
  • Dartak – an eloquent speaker
    • Abhish –   head footmen
    • Vipak – footman
    • Teert – head of servants
  • Dhalip – friend of Jasfer’s father
  • Arbul – friend of Jasfer’s father, patron of the railroad
  • Girmeet – former mentee of Apijet
  • Lakanrik – the oldest member of the ruling 30
    • Karket –   his grandson and likely heir
  • Shardash – member of the ruling 30
  • Bhainu – member of the ruling 30
Chaitan’s house
  • Chaitan – hero of the Mumbler Wars, founder of arcist magic, now infirm
  • Pavresh – a young wanderer who wants to learn magic from Chaitan
  • Rashul – charismatic leader of would-be rebels
  • Ekana – a fisherman and dancer
  • Indima – a silk weaver and dancer
  • Namrani – a quiet musician
  • Jaritta –   an outcast with a fire scar on her face
  • Iksheen –  a poet who deliberately obscures his caste
  • Rilef – also learning arcist magic
  • Purunrik – supporter of Rashul
  • Tanmai – supporter of Rashul, brother of Upeng
  • Upeng – supporter of Rashul, brother of Tanmai
  • Marankaya –  former theological prodigy, now disgraced
  • Tanjali – Chaitan’s attendant
  • Kapita – Chaitan’s attendant
Silk weavers
  • Jinsu – Indima’s father
  • Ambal – father to two small children
  • Datri – Weaver girl, companion of Indima
  • Malya – weaver girl, friend of Indima in Romnai
  • Charu – weaver girl, friend of Indima in Romnai
  • Juki- weaver girl, friend of Indima in Romnai
  • Raksh – head servant to Indima’s family
  • Shidi – servant woman to Indima’s family
  • Phangun – servant to Datri’s family
Soldiers of the wolf jati
  • Karuda – Commander of the mountain post
  • Bhadrik
  • Deraj
  • Hirsha
  • Surjit
  • Tugar