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Book News! "Excavating Lost Languages" in Frozen Wavelets #8! (and more…) "The Life Cycle of a Shadow" in The Compendium of Enigmatic Species! There You Are, Creativity CreateNet, Skynet’s Awkard Cousin, is Upon Us

Hogwarts is Not a Good School

Having recently finished rereading Rowling’s series for about the tenth time, I’ve once again fallen in love with her intricate world, her lovable characters, and the sheer brilliance of her writing. Yet as a teacher, I can’t help but notice some of the issues at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Class sizes and schedules […]

Wednesday Wanderings


I know it’s been radio silence on this blog for a while.  It’s been a crazy few months.  I’ve been studying for the CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) which exam I just passed – a huge feather in my cap.  Work has taken a lot of my emoti…