I didn't post last Sunday because, on top of working, I had a lengthy meeting with two fellow harpers.  We run the Cincinnati Harpers' Robin together:  a group of traditional lever harp players who perform a few times a year, with a specialty in Celtic and early music.  Because our harpers have busy lives and varying skill levels, we are only able to rehearse as a group once a month, so we typically start preparing in the summer for our "winter tour":  Christmas through March-aka-St-Patrick's-Month.

We have a healthy repertoire, so we decided to limit our new additions to two, both of 17th century origins.  Here's links to lute versions of both:

We also looked at some of our older repertoire, tunes we had retired for a season or two and are considering bringing back.  This is one of my favorites, an English dance tune from the Playford collection that was actually played in the American colonies.  This will probably date me:  I first encountered this tune playing Sid Meier's Colonization!  In this case, this is an orchestral arrangement of the tune.

Looking forward to another season of good harping.