So a long time ago, I wrote a story to a prompt from the wonderful The 3am Epiphany (Kiteley, highly recommended for an author of any genre) to write about an article of clothing.  The resultant story took just a smidge of inspiration from this song, down to the title:

In These Shoes? - Kirsty MacColl

Sans the question mark, as far as the story was concerned ... because for Rosh, they were her killing shoes.

This song was also my introduction to the inimitable Kirsty MacColl.  It comes from Tropical Brainstorm, her final album before her untimely death.

An amusing aside (at least to me):  "The One And Only" from Electric Landlady has an instrumental interlude that was driving me bonkers with how familiar it sounded.  I finally pegged it:  Planxty Irwin, a traditional Irish tune from the prolific blind harper, Turlough O'Carolan.